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Dirty Data – 5 ways you are messing up your Google Analytics Data

Google analytics

Collecting data in Google analytics is a piece of cake. Everyone knows that all you have to do is slap on a piece of the Google analytics javascript in your code and you are now up to your eyeballs in data. This is where most businesses go wrong. Collecting data is the simple part. Making sense of it is a whole different ball game and even worse if you are making mistakes in tracking and analysing your data correctly.

In this blog post, We will talk about 5 ways you could be sabotaging your Google analytics data. Ignore them at your own peril because if you do so you will not be getting accurate information to steer your business decisions.

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What your business can learn from Chris Froome’s Tour de France victory

Chris Froome tour de france 2013 winner

My wife and I are avid cycling fans and loved watching another Brit winning the Tour de France for the second year running. The man in question, Chris Froome, was the yellow jersey winner, which means he had the best time in the overall standings.

Froome was born and raised in Kenya and studied in South Africa. He honed his cycling skills on the ┬ádirt tracks of Kenya and quickly rose through the ranks, signing on for Sky Pro cycling in 2010. Last year Froome was Sir Bradley Wiggins’ right hand man and helped him to get to the podium in Paris, whilst sacrificing his own chances of taking the lead.┬áHis success at the Tour de France this year only goes to show how far he has come. Keep reading

Overcome Your Data Overload!

I came across Ian Lurie’s talk on how to present data in a way that persuades you to get the right understanding of where you are and which direction to head in.

Looking at some of the examples he gave about bad ways to present data – 3D Bar graphs, pie charts and eye gouging colours that don’t really give any meaning to the data, I realised that there are still businesses out there that don’t fully understand their analytics. Keep reading