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Consistency is the key to converting more visitors

When businesses invest in pulling in more traffic to their website via SEO and PPC, you’d expect that traffic to convert. Yet, it’s surprising to see when after all that investment in time and money, visitors simply bounce off the page.

The reason for that – the website the visitors are on doesn’t match the reason why they decided to land on it in the first place.

The biggest problem facing websites today is they don’t align themselves to the visitors intent. In doing so, the number of frustrated visitors leaving increases. In this blog post I will highlight a few screwups done by websites that are “guilty” of this and what could be done to prevent this.

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Are you asking for too much commitment upfront?

Imagine for a second, you were on a first date with someone. Which of these scenarios is appropriate.

a) You make small talk and learn more about the person and if alls well try for get them out for a second date.

b) Propose marriage.

Obviously, the second option sounds ridiculous and far fetched but I’ve see websites attempt something like this (no, not proposing to you!) and in this blog article, I’m going to show you a few examples and what can be done to avoid it.

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Reduce Friction On Your Website – Part 1


Ever been frustrated on a website because something wasn’t right or you weren’t shown where you went wrong in filling up the form? Websites all over the internet are filled with examples where users get frustrated using the site and this increases friction which in turn reduces customer engagement and conversions. In this article, I want to explore some examples of this and what you can do to reduce friction on your site. A happy visitor is an engaged visitor.

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Why carousels are killing your website


Carousels are one of those trends that fall under “best practices” when designing websites. Every other web designer tries to throw it up on a website and every other business website on the internet uses it as a way of trying to wow their visitors.  But I’m here to convince you that carousels are a bane to the visitor experience and should be removed from your website immediately. Not convinced? Read on. Keep reading

The Risk Of Redesigning Your Website


If you are considering redesigning your website, Stop! I mean it. Before you invest resources – time and money into building something new, you should read this blog post. A redesign can be a lengthy process and there is a real risk that the end product may not be any better than your existing site. This blog post was written to give you a different view on approaching your site redesign. Keep reading

Is your Ecommerce site ready for christmas shoppers?

christmas ecommerce shopping

I am writing this blog post in the heat of a surprisingly hot summer in the UK and you must be wondering why I am talking about christmas at this time of the year. Christmas is definitely one of the busiest periods for businesses and everyone works hard to handle the rush and maximise their sales.

Over the last few years there has been a shift with consumers turning to the internet to buy gifts. According to the Guardian, UK consumers spend an average £1,083 per year each on online shopping. As per Experian, Christmas 2012 showed some interesting statistics for the online retail industry. UK Internet users made 2.8 billion visits to retail websites and spent 372 million hours shopping, with boxing day seeing 113 million visits, setting a new British retail record! With the convenience of shopping online coupled with the ease of accessing the internet through a myriad of portable devices, it’s will come as no surprise that 2013 will see a further increase in online sales. Keep reading