Overcome Your Data Overload!

I came across Ian Lurie’s talk on how to present data in a way that persuades you to get the right understanding of where you are and which direction to head in.

Looking at some of the examples he gave about bad ways to present data – 3D Bar graphs, pie charts and eye gouging colours that don’t really give any meaning to the data, I realised that there are still businesses out there that don’t fully understand their analytics.


This statement sums up exactly what’s wrong with the presentation of the data.

Data should be layed out in a way that gives the reader a good understanding of the numbers and the context of those numbers – basically the bigger picture.

Here are the slides from that talk that Ian gave.

Data that persuades: Annotated – from SES SF 2012 from Ian Lurie

Are you suffering from data overload?

If you are and need someone to help you interpret your data and give you the context and impact of your marketing activities, Digital Tonic is offering a monthly analytics service called ANALYSE.
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