Interview with Al Mackin (Founder of Formisimo)


Forms can never be underestimated. They are essentially a make or break element for your business. If your business relies on generating leads or selling products through an ecommerce site, then longterm success relies on how many people submit that form. The reality, however, is different with clunky forms frustrating visitors who ultimately abandon the form.

I caught up with Al Mackin, the founder of Manchester based startup Formisimo, fresh from his trip to Tel Aviv where they won the Bizcamp startup competition.

 Hi Al. Thanks for meeting with me. What exactly is Formisimo?

Formisimo is a form analytics tool that shows you how visitors use the forms on your website. With the data you collect can improve their experience in using the forms. By removing the barriers that frustrate users in forms, you can enhance your conversion rates. It works on desktop, mobile and tablets and it runs off a few lines of javascript embedded in your code.

How did you come up with the idea for Formisimo?

I was frustrated with form designs and tracking them via Google analytics was time consuming. Forms were poorly designed and had many shortcomings like asking for too much information from the user, validation issues and even wiping out all the form data when the page was refreshed. Formisimo was a way for businesses to track how visitors use their form and with that knowledge improve it. We put together a basic prototype in 2011 and have been testing it with beta users. The Formisimo team includes Tom New, our formologist ; Tim & Adi doing the development and Chris doing the design.

Who should use Formisimo?

Formisimo is aimed at any website that uses forms. The businesses that will get the most value of it are ecommerce sites where cart abandonment can be a major issue and sites that generate leads or sign ups.


Why not just use Google analytics to track form completions?

Google analytics gives you very high level metrics whereas Formisimo shows you form specific metrics.Google analytics also requires a lot of customisation to give you any data about form completions whereas with our software, once you have installed the snippet of Javascript code you are ready to go. You will get data about form completions, drop offs, time spent on each field and much more, so you can really understand how well your form is performing.

What next for Formisimo?

We want to push the product further and get the word out and also partner up with agencies who could use it on their client’s sites. We want to improve the product especially the Reaction engine¬†which uses predictive modelling to improve forms based on data it gathers over time.

Thanks Al. Wishing you and your team all the best for the future

Al Mackin is the founder of Formisimo and also runs The E Word, a manchester based SEO agency. You can sign up for a free Formisimo account and start measuring your form metrics now.